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Window Material


Complete your DIY dodger or make sail windows with our huge assortment of clear vinyl window material. This clear vinyl fabric comes in a variety of thicknesses and tints to match your particular environmental demands and preferences. We also offer clear vinyl covering for soft top cars, including Kal Glass Vinyl featuring an embossed U.S. Department of Transportation Certification Stamp, making it officially certified for automotive applications. Additional options include top-of-the-line O’Sea®, Strataglass™, Regalite® and Crystal Clear vinyl fabric. Sailrite is always available to assist you with your marine vinyl purchase.

Deciding which type of vinyl to use for your particular project can be daunting, but Sailrite® is here to help. The gauge (thickness) of the window material is the primary determinant when it comes to the material’s recommended applications. For example, you want to choose thicker, 40-gauge clear vinyl for dodgers, biminis, windshields, automotive windows and convertible top windows. Thinner, 20-gauge vinyl is appropriate for sail windows, enclosures and some bimini applications. We also offer 12-gauge transparent vinyl that you can use for patterning or to make vinyl couch covers.

We provide some pressed and polished vinyl fabric, typically manufactured by Strataglass, O’Sea, Crystal Clear and Regalite. This is high-performance material featuring a single, thicker polished sheet. You’ll also want to decide how transparent you’d like your material to be. The optical clarity will help you determine which vinyl fabrics are best for your preferences. Generally speaking, the more expensive, pressed and polished vinyl products will offer higher optical clarity. For more information on which style to choose, reference our Window Material Buying GuideorChoosing a Clear Vinyl Window Material and discover which type is best for you.

yazhouqingse最新章节_yazhouqingse无弹窗,女人的外阴无遮掩图片无弹窗_女人的外阴无遮掩图片最新章 ,美女禁处受辱最新章节_美女禁处受辱最新章节免费阅读 Show More
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